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Insurance business: Prompt automation of retail sales; mobile trade; sales via partner networks and affiliates.

History of implementation

Considering the established reputation of our company at the market of mobile solutions and remote data processing, in 2006 Ingo insurance company management decided to commission Digsee with the task of tourist insurance policy sales automation at the office network of partnering travel agencies, by partner company employees. Among the requirements to such an automation system, were: no necessity to access Internet; cost efficiency; ease of use for untrained personnel; fast and stable data exchange with head office; option of data integration with head office accounting system; option to print policies on self-copying paper forms and control its consumption; detailed logging of remote point of sales activity. The solution also has to be compatible with all versions of MS Windows and satisfactorily operate on low-duty stale computers that are still in wide use.

After the market analysis, it appeared there is no ready-to-use system available that meets all the above requirements, so we have decided to develop our own product, Digsee Mobile insurance, investing our own funds into this project.

To avoid redundant risks and expenses from the side of our customer, we suggested implementing a preliminary pilot project for Ingo companies and make a final decision on future purchase of system licenses and further project development basing on the results of such a pilot.

Within six months we have developed complex multi-purpose solution for data input and exchange management between the central office of insurance company and unlimited number of remote points of sales.

For one month the system has successfully operated in pilot mode at two remote travel agencies. During this period, actual valid policies were inputed, printed and transmitted. The data collected was automatically transferred to Ingo accounting system. According to joint conclusion of Ingo management, travel insurance department, and travel agency representatives, the pilot was deemed as successful. Ingo has purchased the licenses and we have deployed our solution for other partner companies. During this process, adjustment, implementation, training and maintenance of the system were performed by our company, i.e. Ingo received this system as turnkey solution, with no need to attract additional staff from their side.

Taking into account the success of travel policy sales automation, universality and self-evidence of the product, Ingo Company decided to use Digsee Mobile Insurance for their vehicle insurance department as well, for selling OSGP and CASCO policies through partner network of car trader companies.

In spite of absence of wide advertisement for our product, soon we have received the requests for system presentation from other insurance company representatives who learned of its existence from IT colleagues.

The Results

As a result, within less than 2 years after the development was commenced, our solution was deployed and successfully implemented in three major insurance companies of Ukraine: Ingo, Credo Classic, Nova. Insurance policies are being printed and sold in affiliates of OTP Bank, car trading companies, travel agencies, by insurance agents ‘in field’, on Ukrainian customs at Kovel and Yagotin cities. For the time of our work we have not met a single customer’s task we could not automate using our system features. Today we have accumulated vast experience of automation for almost all types of retail insurance products: CASCO, OSGP, property, travels, Green Card. We have implemented bidirectional schemes of document circulation, for example ordering and shipping of legal paper forms to points of sales, integration with both accounting systems of insurance companies and accounting systems of travel agencies and car shows themselves (1C, CRM, ticket sales).