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Insurance business: Prompt automation of retail sales; mobile trade; sales via partner networks and affiliates.

Principles of work (Operational features)

Digsee Mobile Insurance system allows insurance companies to completely automate and control the process of policy creation and printout in remote points of sale (car shows, banks, travel agencies, remote offices) and promptly transmit the electronic copies of policies to head office.

Operational features:

• Commission auto calculation.
• Counting policies, corrupted/lost paper forms, returns
• Data exchange with any external system
• No Internet access necessary
• Automatic transmission of policies to head office
• Remote control of client seats
• Data transmission via any communication channels: dedicated line, mobile phone, landline, diskettes or USB keys.
• Printing on any paper forms (self-copying, A4) and printers
• Creation of any supplement agreements and invoices
• Consolidated statements on policies sold
• Creating new policies on the base of existing ones
• Operation logging. Creation of data backup copies.

The system includes tiny client software that is installed on remote user computers and server component working in insurance company office, processing and analyzing the policies sold.